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    Established since 1986 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    We are a licenced pharmacy by Alberta College of Pharmacists. Our pharmacists are members of Pharmacists Association of Alberta and Canadian Pharmacists' Association. We share the same values and vision set forth by our College.

    Values and Vision


    • The health of the client is paramount in all we do.
    • We are dedicated to continually advancing our skills, knowledge and practice standards.
    • We seek continuous improvement through creativity and innovation.
    • We are accountable for our professional conduct.
    • We are committed to healthy work environments that stimulate pride and personal satisfaction for our members and employees.
    • We believe partnerships and teamwork are central to our achievements.

    Entrusted with the publicís health, Alberta pharmacists will be your first choice for medication decisions.

  • Spectro Derm
  • Jergen Natural Glow
  • Genteal Eye Care
  • Otrivin
  • Anthelios
  • SugarTwin

  • Building bridges between you and your health.

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